How do you avoid errors?

From the moment the patient enters the clinic they are positively identified and details of their treatment are at your fingertips.
As they enter the treatment room, IDENTIFY will verify the right technology and the right patient setup.
IDENTIFY’s intuitive interface guides you through the patient setup, directs the positioning of the patient and accessories through visual assistance.
Not only empowering confident setup but also reducing the time required to do so.
For experienced staff, rotating staff in larger clinics and personnel in training!

Right Patient   –   Right Location   –   Right Setup


Full circle quality assurance

IDENTIFY minimizes manual data entry through integration with OIS. IDENTIFY supports a “zero override” culture: even though overrides are allowed, they are recorded and reported.

At the end of each session a PDF document is generated to ensure the easiest documentation flow

Full circle care
  • TG147 Compliant
  • Auditable Processes
  • Zero Overrides
  • Minimal Manual Data Entry
  • Automated Session Protocols

Highest safety standard

Full circle care

Distractions in busy clinics can potentially lead to errors while mistaken patient identity and setup failures have a greater impact than ever.

Distractions in busy clinics can potentially lead to errors. Interlock provides the highest safety standard. The IDENTIFY Interlock ensures that the treatment cannot start if the patient, location, or setup have not been confirmed.

Maximize safety & efficiency

  • Reduce the time required for perfect patient setup.
  • Avoid multiple confirmation Cone Beam CTs.
  • Go paperless, from auto-setup notes through to automated session reports.
  • Easy to use: the same user interface on all machines.


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