About humediQ

humediQ is headquartered right in the heart of Munich with offices in Hong Kong and USA. humediQ develops high-quality medical devices and implements the newest state of the art technology.

As radiotherapy treatment becomes more complex, identifying the right setup for each patient’s treatment in a busy clinic can be challenging. It has to be done quickly and accurately to ensure the right patient is in the right location with the right technology setup.

At humediQ we are committed to giving the best possible technological support that can help you enhance treatment quality and avoid mistakes caused by stress and hectic pace in the daily routine.

We want to make you, your team and your patients feel confident and reassured by ensuring the right setup for each individual treatment. From the treatment room through the entire clinic!


Please contact us for more information, or making an appointment.

Effective January 1st 2019 we would like to encourage all IDENTIFY customers to contact Varian Medical Systems for IDENTIFY Support via:

North America



 Austria 0800 234 500

 Belgium 02 720 1008

 France 0800 025 025

 Germany 06151 7313338

 Netherlands 030 634 0506

 Norway +45 44 500 150

 UK +44.1293.601.272

 Email: support@varian.com

Customers can also contact support through MyVarian